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Pet Friendly Flooring

Anso Living Carpet featuring waterproof LifeGuard backing and R2X.  Its the ultimate protection against life's mishaps for everyday spills and odors (including pets)

Southwind Hard Surface Flooring has a WPC (wood plastic composite) core.  This high density, uniclic locking system is completely water proof and formaldehyde free.

What is Magic Fresh®?

Exclusive to carpets made by Beaulieu, Magic Fresh is an environmentally-friendly carpet treatment specially formulated to neutralize common household odours such as pet urine, food and cigarette smoke. It is a self-renewing, odour reducing formula that is effective for the life of the carpet and it is completely safe and natural. The effectiveness of Magic Fresh is best understood by comparing it to the way baking soda neutralizes odours in your refrigerator, except with Magic Fresh, you don’t have to replace the box!







Lonesome Oak


American Carpet


sixty12 marketplac​e

We are happy to bring a little retro into your life.  There is a reason they don't make things like they use to.  We have salvaged and collected treasures from East Tennessee and now happily share them with you.  New vintage finds are making their way to our store daily.  Come by and see

*Chalk Paint is in the works and could be added soon.

vintage fi​nds

chalk paint


Shabby Paints

Shabby chalk paints will be here soon!  Check out their website at

We are the only Shabby stylist in the East Tennessee area. 

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Summer Fun

Help us help you!

Looking for that perfect vintage item for a wedding décor, birthday, or anniversary? 

We network with over 50 vintage and antique dealers and there is very little that we cant find. 

Call us and let us help!

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Summer Vacation

Summer is upon us and vacations are just around the corner. 


Wouldn't new flooring make it so much better?  We can help!!!!!


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