Five FAQs about carpet binding

Five FAQs about carpet binding

Carpet binding is necessary for all area rugs for a variety of reasons. First, it helps keep the fibers from unraveling, creating an outstanding visual.

We know you have questions about this process, and we have the answers you need. Here are five of our most frequently asked questions and their solutions.

Here's what you asked

1. What happens if my rugs aren't bound?

Without a binding, fibers and backing materials ravel and become damaged. The appearance is drab and lifeless, bringing down the visual appeal of your space.

2. What types of carpet bindings are available?

Custom rugs can be bound with regular binding tape, serging, or fringing. Each option features different widths, colors, and types, so consider them all.

3. Can I vacuum a fringe binding?

Vacuuming fringe can shred and damage the materials. If they need cleaning, use a nozzle attachment for less damage.

4. How long will a carpet binding last?

There are extensive considerations that affect the lifespan of your binding. Traffic, wear, pets, and cleaning all play a role, and we can tell you more about it.

5. What color binding should I choose?

This is another answer that could span a wide variety of possibilities. For example, some homeowners choose to match their bindings, while others want a contrasting choice.

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