Waterproof flooring could meet your every need

Waterproof flooring does a lot more than protect you from water damage. Although this primary role is essential, much more can work in your favor. Visual appeal and durability are excellent, and you'll gain a great lifespan too. Comparing options against your list of requirements is a great way to start. And when you find out the floors are also a quick and easy installation, the match is even better. Be sure to consider all the options that might make this an excellent choice for you and your household.

The best looking floors in one product line

Waterproof vinyl flooring makes it easy to choose a visual scheme that caters to your needs. And some of the most popular options are wood, stone, and tile looks. Each of these offers immense color and texture choices and installation layouts. As you cater to your visual needs, you'll want to look into what's trending. For luxury vinyl, trends range from those in natural wood, stone, and tile. You don't have to worry, though, because there's a trend to match any current decor scheme you have in place.

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Added durability can change everything

Waterproof and water-resistant flooring can help keep you safe from flooring damage. Water-resistant floors protect for up to 72 hours, but waterproof flooring protects constantly. And for some, that constant protection is necessary due to pets or heavy traffic. You'll also find protective wear layers that guard against stains, scuffs, and scratches. This layer is available in various thicknesses that you can customize to fit your needs. And if you have questions about any of these options, our flooring professionals can help.

Installation and maintenance are easy

It's good to know that waterproof flooring is quick and easy to install. And the same goes for keeping them clean and well maintained. You'll enjoy every aspect of these floors, especially when you find out more about them.
Waterproof flooring in Knoxville, TN from Factory Carpet Warehouse

Find your waterproof flooring today

At Factory Carpet Warehouse, we cater to your need for the best possible flooring and services. And we're here to learn more about your requirements so that we can help meet those needs. So, as you share your flooring dreams with us, we'll help make them come true.

When you visit our showroom in Knoxville, TN, you'll have access to outstanding waterproof flooring. We serve communities like Knoxville, TN, Powell, TN, Oak Ridge, TN, Halls, TN, and Clinton, TN. And we're ready to help you find the perfect flooring for your home.